Meet The Team!

Virnez Photography is made up of three wedding award winner photographers.  Angelica founded Virnez Photography in 2007 and along the way met Tanya and Derrick, who instantly clicked and became not only her co-workers, but also the best of friends.  Though all three have different personalities and their styles in photography may differ, they all share the same passion for photography and work amazing alone and as a team.  Having worked together for over 5 years, their styles of photography are very similar.  Angelica is known for her dramatic and dark images.  Tanya is best recognized for capturing candid emotional moments and Derrick has the ability to capture a person's personality in one photo.  Read our bio's and familiarize yourself with their work by clicking on the links below.


Angelica Virgen - Owner / Lead Photographer



Tanya Parada - Lead / Associate Photographer



Derrick Yazzie - Lead / Associate Photographer